Why to take Tango classes?

This question is a very important...
Since Tango Argentino is a dance that has more than 100 years, and is clearly a dance of this era with its mechanical movements developed at the beginning with out any doubt between men (how do you think possible that in those years men and women would have danced together like two boys playing football... no way!), there is not much possibility that a person can do in a short period of time what took more than 100 years of dance... either she/he lives long and many lives at the same time, or... takes classes... But, again...
why to take classes...?
Well Tango Argentino is a dance... it is a dance in constant evolution... but what is that that you want with Tango Argentino?...
- Dance socially and have fun?
- Do you feel like a dancer?
- Do you feel like working with Tango Argentino?
May be there are others reason why to dance Tango, but seriously, in any case, you would have to learn... it depends on you if you would like to dance a style of 1910 or from the 20' or 30' or 40'... or 90'... or 20XX' ... in all this periods tango was different... It is very important to understand that this dance is extremely codify so we can always evolve our own dance... to grow in this dance depends on us and many times on our teachers... It is also difficult to say that you don't like this or that with out had ever tried, it doesn't mean that we are obligated to try everything, but looking back in the history, Tango Argentino was always more than connection and changing weight... (by the way, to limit people dance according to our limitation as teachers/dancers is not fair...) So, we all should look for develop our tango skills... being us beginners, intermediate, advanced, teachers, super teachers, master, maestros or how ever we want to label, the fact is that we are all evolving, for sure in different levels, but still we are all evolving... even with out taking classes... the thing is... in which direction do you want to go... how to know the possibilities if we don't have a deep understanding of tango argentino, if we are not that experienced: how to know in which direction to move... how to be sure that what we think we need is exactly what we need with out having references, with out having a teacher.. Find a tango teacher to work with and change him/her from time to time help us to find a better way to tango.. find your teacher if you want to learn...
Take classes, even if you think you know all you need, take classes, may be you'll find something that inspired you, or shows you something, may be a direction or a feeling or a possibility that you didn't think before...
Respect the tango culture, respect all the generations, specially the old Tangueros, if we don't do that then we will be lost with out having any root... we won't be dancing tango argentino.

Enjoy taking classes... Enjoy dancing tango,
enjoy your own style,
dance tango libre.

Matias Facio

Warning: tango contains highly addictive ingredients, such as pain, pleasure, passion, excitement, connection, freedom, torment, and bliss. In seven out of ten cases it takes over a person's life.

He: When a man walks nicely, the woman dies in his embrace.
She: When a man walks badly, the woman wants to die.